WHAT Every Online Art School Should Offer:


  • 24/7 access to discussion forums, lecture materials and assignments
  • Module-orientated class structures with weekly deadlines
  • Attendance based on login
  • Class offerings for any interest, course load advice, and career guidance


  • Video, chat and live conferencing capabilities that run within your web browser
  • Support for PC and Mac operating systems
  • Email alert systems to notify you when your discussion question is answered
  • Student profiles, online portfolios and one-click email contact

Online Academic Support

  • Live-chat office hours, email and phone support from professors
  • Time management, writing and language support programs
  • Online bookstores with bundled class supplies ready for purchase
  • Online libraries and research tools accessible anywhere, any time


  • One of the nation's top art schools offering accredited undergraduate and graduate degrees
  • Job placement statistics, alumni contacts and testimonials
  • Samples of previous student work
  • Interactive tours and introductions to the online education experience